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Business Segment
Uncoated high bright printing papers

With a very low per capita consumption of paper in India (only 8Kgs ),mainly due to poor literacy levels, demand for paper is set to explode in the next 10 to 15 years.  Increasing Government thrust on the Education sector will provide the trigger. Beyond this the commercial printing sector is witnessing continuing unprecedented demand for high quality paper which remains in short supply. Both the aesthetics and functional properties are key preconditions for Converters who need to redeem their heavy investments which the put up to meet the burgeoning domestic demand and Indias' emergence as a global hub for sourcing of competitive printed and converted paper base products.

The growth rate in this segment is estimated to move into double digits(when Demand in the West is actually stagnating if not contracting).

Thus Bindal Papers is ideally positioned to leverage the growing market opportunities, thanks to its product quality and strong marketing capabilities, including the natural locational /logistics advantages-being able to supply paper on demand, cut to customer sizes.


Copier papers

In the light of the internet revolution, massive inroads of digital printing and print on demand, the growth in demand for cut size paper (A4,A3 etc) has been phenomenal. Thanks to the penetration of PCs, desk top printers, ink jet and laser printers, and MFDs at all levels of users - be it institutional or individual, against an overall recent global demand for paper of around 2-3% per year, the market for cut size has been growing at @ of 7-8%.

In India, the segment growth of cut size has been around 18-20% per year. Beyond that the economy-value for money segment is growing @25%plus. In this product category which is similar to FMCG sector, product quality, branding, marketing sand pricing play a critical role in each companys’ business performance.

For Bindal Papers the cut size category will be a focus area. Again thanks to the technology deployed, quality focus plant location, supported by focussed marketing, we expect to build a strong market position in this business.

Bindal's Update

Bindal Paper is among India's foremost paper manufacturers. It is part of one of India's leading Business Houses – Bindal Organisation, which has a significant presence in Pulp & Paper, Packaging Boards, Iron & Steel etc.

Bindal has launched it's A4 copier under the brand name Bindal FinePrints.

Bindal has launched it's A4 copier under the brand name Bindal FinePrints.

Exports to various countries include Turkey, Sudan, Cameroon, Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Benin, Mombasa, Lagos, Ethopia, Srilanka, Malaysia, Philippines etc.

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